Some quick thoughts

I cannot thank Tim Hall (, enough for his insight of late into the upgrade process that 12.x, 18.x, 19.x to 21c involves and how AutoUpgrade factors in ( – it’s a journey that needs some finessing.

As Oracle’s database and cloud offerings mature, there’s a melding of technologies that need to occur and we’re presently in that cycle:

  • On-prem to cloud
  • Non-CDB to CDB
  • Migration of pre-18c databases to future state.

I’m with Tim 100% in that Oracle is a train we’ve hooked our carriage to and we are committed to (eventually) being dragged along with the ecosystem that’s sustained our data integrity. security and high availability for 30+ years.

We may be slow to embrace the technologies that are gradually becoming a part of current and future releases, but we all need to understand that change is a part of life. That if you chose technology as a career path, why would you ever stop learning about and adopting new things? If so, you’ve become a contradiction of yourself.

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