Quick database unique name change

So more on that Exadata Cloud@Customer stuff. Since I am working with a colleague to migrate a 50+ databases, I pre-created those databases using C@C tooling (see previous post).

For those databases we are migrating though a simple RMAN duplicate, no big deal. But for a DataGuard migration, we need to ensure that behind the scenes, C@C understands there’s a db_unique_name to take into consideration.

Enter the db_unique_name. Everyone has their favourite naming convention, but regardless, the standby needs a new name. On Exadata or any other Oracle environment, change the db_unique_name with a scope of spfile and bounce it.

Not so on C@C. You’ll have to modify the db_unique_name via the CLI and let it do its magic…. all glorious 15 minutes worth.

[root@s ~]# /bin/dbaascli database update –dbname cabiq –db_unique_name cabiq_stby
DBAAS CLI version
Executing command database update –db_unique_name cabiq_stby
INFO: Update log – /var/opt/oracle/log/cabiq/update/update_2021-06-08_14:35:07.655435154610.log
INFO : Running Pre-Checks
Get crontab entry.
This operation requires a downtime,please confirm yes to proceed
INFO : Stopping database instances on remote nodes
INFO : Stopped database instances on remote nodes
INFO : Registering database cabiq with new db_unique_name cabiq_stby in OCR
INFO : Completed Registering database cabiq with new db_unique_name cabiq_stby in OCR
INFO : Starting up database instace in nomount state

INFO : Starting rman to restore controlfile from +DATAC1/cabiq/controlfile/control.ctl…

INFO : Completed restore of controlfile

INFO : Starting RMAN Image copy…

INFO : Completed RMAN Image copy..

INFO : Starting RMAN to rename tempfiles…

INFO : Completed temp files rename..

INFO : Recreating spfile …

INFO : Completed recreate spfile..

INFO : Updating configuration files to reflect db_unique_name cabiq_stby

INFO : Removing RMAN copy…

INFO : Completed removal of RMAN copy…

INFO : Dropping and recreating redo logfile
INFO : Reconfiguring bkup Assistant, this might take some time, please take a look at log /var/opt/oracle/log/cabiq/bkup/bkup.log for progress
INFO : Successfully reconfigured bkup assistant

INFO : Successfully completed db_unique_name update
[root@s ~]# date
Tue Jun 8 14:49:58 EDT 2021

So, not as simple as one might expect.

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