After five years of relatively faithful service, I’ve retired both my Dell XPS laptops (XPS15 circa 2016, XPS13 circa 2019). The big beastie being a 4k touchscreen suffered from awful battery life from day one. A decent 8th generation i7, it got the job done. It was good with most camera raw file images brought into Adobe Lightroom and the display (when colour calibrated) was nice to view. I bought it for around $2k from Dell with 0% interest for a year. Ultimately though it was hampered by bulk and short battery life, so I opted to buy a replacement for travel/work.

Learning my lesson, the 10th generation XPS13 was a non-4k, non-touch machine and the battery life was much better, although at around 4 hours, still rather lacklustre. It choked however on large raw images from my Fuji X-T3 and Virtualbox VMs were sluggish. Once I stopped travel in March 2020, I found myself at home switching between these two machines enough to be somewhat frustrated.

Having started a new job this month (late January 2021), I found myself in need of a laptop that could process large camera raw images into Photoshop and would also provide a stable platform for laptop connection to my work VDI account.

So now into a lightweight Lenovo Yoga i9 with the 11th generation i7 EVO – promising better performance and battery life. So far, a much better experience. To be clear, it’ll never match the photo processing crunching ability of my desktop but that’s not it’s job. It needs to be able to spend 4+ hours unplugged and run through my typical daily workload and so far, this one looks really capable of delivering on those requirements.

So now I need to wipe the Dell XPS machines and find them a suitable home.

One thought on “Laptops

  1. Not that i know anything ablut laptops, but i have two dells here, one that you know and one provided by my company. The company ones battery lasts maybe, on a good day, with not many calls / meetings, 3 hours. The other one….. could go days. Well, if I’m working on it, almost a day. Madness, the difference.

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