Oracle ASM password file copy utility issue

TL/DR – there’s a workaround…

I’ll keep this relatively brief since it’s easy to reproduce if you are unlucky in this respect – you are possibly setting up a DataGuard environment in which you have a target database (I hate this nomenclature – it’s really a source, not a target) that has a RAC One Node/RAC/single instance password file in ASM. A quick check of your database (srvctl config database -d <dbname>) will show you an entry for Password File that’s obviously in ASM.

So, simple task, right? Jump into asmcmd and issue the pwcopy command to copy the file from ASM to a local filesystem where you’ll scp it over to the other server. Works 98% of the time. Until it doesn’t.

In this directory, I make sure I can write a file. Then show all the command options I’m going to go through… And show that the pwcopy command is in its mind doing what it’s asked to do…

So, why didn’t it put a copy of the password file into my chosen directory? No idea. But here’s the workaround/solution… In asmcmd, use the cp command to copy the file. Then pwcopy will recognize the file as a password file format and copy it appropriately.

Is this strange enough for anyone yet? I’m all ears (ok, all ears with hair that grows out of them at a similar rate to nostril hair).

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