First, happy Thanksgiving night to all in these strange times.  Grilled flank steak with Dauphinoise potatoes for us tonight – which in itself is not strange, however we’ve never had turkey for TG or Xmas. Finished painting my garage door today (yay!) so a productive day.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been meeting (outdoors of course) with the local chapter of the Porsche Club of America… nice bunch of people and they are passionate about their German engineered cars.  The point being that I’ve discovered that photographing “exotic” cars is a thing and there’s probably 4-5 people in the group who do this (and make some money from it).  

Steve Ramsay ( is one of the PCA members I’ve enjoyed talking with and I encourage you to take a look at his work.

So as an aside, at 2am this morning, Sage started whinging in her crate.  That quiet but perceptible sound that drags you into consciousness and then releases you.  Rinse and repeat….  By 3am, I was up and operational.  Shorts, long sleeved t-shirt, socks and shoes..  And a head lamp.  Walked her around the subdivision and as I was headed back to the house, a glorious huge orange moon sat above the house.  Dropped the dog off indoors and went to the boot of the car where my trusty Fuji awaited, already mated to the 100-400mm and tripod and ready to go.  Stepped outside and … where the hell is it? 

Never could acquire it again so put Sage in the car and drove over to the bottom of the DFW airport runways where the horizon is free of clutter.  Found a suitable place to turn off, grabbed the camera and in seconds, the damned thing was slipping towards the horizon at astronomical speed (pun intended).

Needless to say, between uncapping the lens, unlocking the zoom lock, turning off lens stabilization and autofocus, I got one trippy (aka worthless) shot.  The other orange items are road construction signs. I have my alarm set for 2.30am Friday to go out again.

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