It’s all fun and games…

Until someone ends up in a cone.

After our two year old Samsung dishwasher shat the bed and needed replacement (CPU issues that couldn’t be resolved in spite of a board replacement), I went dishwasher shopping. I originally thought about getting a Bosch but went with Samsung because all the other appliances are…
Anyway, Bosch appliances are somewhat hard to come by. The 800 series I wanted was available in December (Home Depot) or April 2021 (BestBuy) but Lowe’s had them in stock and delivery in two days. After hearing that the installation fee would be $150, I decided I could do it myself since it’s not rocket science.

The beast arrived on the pallet and the delivery guys took away the bricked Samsung. Thirty minutes later with only some minor saw action (to enlarge the power cord hole in the side of the cabinet), it was installed. I still have to fit the kick plate (need something to do this week) but it works like a charm.

Not only is it as quiet, but it’s also much better at cleaning. The evaporation method of drying used by the Samsung was frankly imperfect. My biggest pet peeve is that anything with some residual water would turn out with a soupy, cloudy residue that needed hand washing.

So… there we have it.

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