Meat and Steel

So on Sunday morning I went down to lovely Granbury, TX for a Porsche owners meeting. Good turnout and some lovely beasts present.

On Sunday afternoon, I made a variation of the Colombian stuffed beef dish Capón Relleno. Traditionally it may be made with a cheaper cut of beef and boiled for a while to make it tender. I had other ideas.

I used flank steak which I pounded out. Added a layer of venison and then the onion/tomato filling, to which I added peas and mushrooms.

Overall, it came out well. Both were initially cooked using the sous vide method and then the first one was finished on the charcoal grill and sliced. All good. Then on Wednesday I took the other joint, sliced it and pan-seared it. With the juices, added some cognac and burned that off. Then added cream and served…

Although this post never intended to mirror the “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” movie, it’s going in that direction.

Lovely UPS MD11 at DFW.

Finally some fun train shots from Grapevine, TX.

You never know what you find…

Finally, Lauren finished our woofer images and they are unbelievably good…. (and a flaky paint 911..).

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