The AeroGarden is doing sterling work with three types of lettuce, dill, mint and tomatoes flourishing. 37 days in, Claudia has already had several crops of lettuce and I’ve chewed on some mint.

Green stuff..

Tomato flowers are blooming – soon it’ll be time to help fertilize them. Rather than annoying the dogs and recruiting some bees, I’ll probably just use a slight breeze from a fan and perhaps a delicate brush.

As an interlude…

Lily stamen, pretending to be a match head 🙂

Chrysanthemums, I believe. Almost looks like coral and I expect to see a clown fish peeking out.

Yesterday we got some ornamental peppers – turns out that whilst they are technically edible, they are around 10x the heat level of a jalapeno… so no…

Someone wants something. Gotta go.

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