Of dust, bunnies and robot rebellions

Frens. It’s been quite the day here. Somewhat of a cleaning frenzy and a shocking revelation but we’ll get to that.

As you can see, I am making myself comfortable on the hairless one’s new bed. Three weeks ago, sister Lupina buggered her rear knee in a spectacular fashion (torn ACL) chasing a squirrel (according to the hairy one) so she’s been confined to the ground floor. This is great for me since it means I get more than half of the human’s bed to stretch out on every night. The hairless one doesn’t want to leave Lupina alone at night so he’s sleeping on this lovely bed I am using for my noon nap.

The hairless one made a bacon sandwich with his latest pumpernickel loaf he baked yesterday and I wanted some. Unfortunately he didn’t want to give me any and whilst he was convincing me that bread isn’t good for puppies, his bacon dripped grease on the floor which I promptly cleaned up for him. I did get a slice of bacon as a reward though.

This led to the cleaning frenzy. The Samsung Powerbot vacuum cleaner was deployed. The iRobot Braava mopping robot was given orders and the smart Samsung dishwasher was set on a cleaning cycle. I reminded the hairless one that I offer bacon pan cleaning services and he set it aside so later Lupina and I can clean the tray.

Twenty minutes later, the vacuum cleaner is going round in circles in an unfortunate manner. I think of those movies where the robot malfunctions and spews out “error! error!”. Around the same time, the mop robot loses its mind amongst the many legs of the hairless one’s bed. And to boot, the dishwasher gives off the sad tone that it thinks the door is ajar and stops the cycle. Robot rebellion! Skynet! I’d rant about robots coming for our jobs but the Sony Aibo dog is a distant memory.

Ah… let me pause briefly to enjoy this…

So, the revelation. Each week, there’s a noticeable gathering of dust bunnies on the bedroom level of the kennel. So much so that it’s been turning into a bit of a town hall. However since I’m the only dog on that floor these days, there’s not enough now to fill a village pub. So clearly 95% of all that fur and dander belongs to Lupina.

Because we know it’s not from the hairless one.

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