Herbie (goes to Monte Carlo)

Such a misleading title, eh? Perhaps I should start off with a VW Beetle photo.

So, this post is actually about growing herbs (and vegetables) using an Aerogarden. For those not familiar, this product (www.aerogarden.com) is an all-in-one hydroponics system – water infrastructure (pump, filter etc), lighting, fertilizer and seed management system. You can buy the kits (tomatoes, herbs, salad greens etc) or they also offer a bring-your-own-seeds system.

What’s great about it is that they have an all-in-one solution – so great for apartments, homes without gardening space, people with brown thumbs (that’s me) and those wanting to grow their own stuff with infrastructure that just works.

Mine is a 9-pod system so I can grow nine different (or the same or a mix) plants at the same time. I have three types of herbs, three salad and three tomato plants in progress now.

Who’s it for? Frankly, people like me for whom the $200-$300 entry price point is not a barrier. It does however offer a rapid growth platform which is great and a hands-off approach to growing.

Anyway, I’m enthusiastic about this and will update from time to time. Two days in, we have sproutage…..

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