Fire, brioche and good times

Here in the Dallas area a couple of days ago, a huge plastics factory/warehouse complex caught alight and the expectation was it would burn for days.

A day later, this was the scene from 13 miles away. Fortunately now, the fire is out, but it must have been horrible for those with breathing difficulties.

On a happier note, tonight I embarked on a brioche recipe, this time with olive oil and milk instead of butter/cream. For this, I followed the “Fork it by Kat” recipe (

I love her way of doing this – take the dough and split it into four pieces, rolled into balls and then allowed to rise for a while longer, brushed with milk and baked. 350f for 32 minutes – looks great and smells marvellous.

What I love about the divided dough is that it makes dividing it much easier. Of course if you use a bread machine you can’t do this. However I would like to try this recipe in the machine scaled up for 4.5 cup of flour capacity and see how it does.

So, good times. Some lovely new horizons have refocused my technical efforts and I’ll be writing about Oracle Enterprise Manager later.

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