Baking (and the Sausage)

Today, the hairy one announced she was going to make coconut macaroons. Excellent, I thought. I love macaroons and there has to be a reason she asked me to get coconut at some point.

It was 103f (almost 40c) here today. Sage loves it. Or to be more specific, she wanted to stay outside and bake for a bit. So we come inside and set a 10 minute timer to check on her. When that went off, I go outside to sit in the sun with her but after another 10 minutes or so, I’m done. She wanted to stay outside but I made her come in.

Yesterday on a walk, Sage discovered her soul mate; someone clearly in need of a belly rub.

As my google assistant would say after the BBC World Service news and the New York Times “The Daily” plays in the morning, “That’s all for now”.

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