Room to Roam at the Aerodrome

With some time on my hands, another trip to my second favourite place in the DFW area – the airport…. With active construction going on, there’s some good sites to take photos from that offer different perspectives*

United Airlines just landed

Sometimes this is how I feel. Speeding along (within limits of course) and suddenly there’s a new speed limit coming up. Engage flaps, slats, spoilers, reverse thrust and the anchor so I can comply.

Atlas Air Boeing 747-4KZ(F)

I noticed this rather vanilla looking 747 freighter taxiing out and decided I had to follow it to see what it was. Secret black site rendition flight? Government plane? Alas, nothing quite so interesting – just an Atlas Air cargo flight to New York. Interestingly though, it’s not wearing the usual Atlas Air livery so I can only assume it’s a wet lease plane (it does say operated by Atlas Air under the cockpit).

Lastly, an AA Boeing 737 heading to Minneapolis.

Boeing 737-823

*Do not enter airport property. The airport access gates for construction traffic are often open however only authorized personnel should enter. I *always* stay at least 30′ away from the entrance on the non-aiport property side and make sure I am not blocking or hindering construction traffic.

Unauthorized airport entry (most likely under 49 CFR Β§ 1542.201 – Security of the secured area) is punishable by severe penalties. Don’t be that person to find out what those are.

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