Help, frens

Frens, these are troubling times. The hairless one got a new cooling fan to go around his neck – but for some reason I ended up wearing it. It evidently caused him some amusement as I was a half-on-half-off puppy. Fortunately after taking this most embarrassing photo of me, he took it off and I continued to remain in this pose. Clearly this humiliation must stop.

Now to be fair, we did get a trip in the car today. Unfortunately it was to the vet practice. We were much relieved when we stayed in the car and left after a large bag of our food was deposited in the boot. But it caused us much concerns.

I think the hairless one just likes taking photos of us so our noses look big. He’s always saying how he likes big noses. And big ears. He’s one to talk. Have you seen how far his stick out?

We conned him into another mid-day walk today ostensibly so we could chase squirrels (we did) and threatened to take a dump (we didn’t). Rather than documenting our heroic efforts in the squirrel department, he was more interested in this bug carcass. Not sure why.

Finally, he abandoned us at home with the hairy one and left to drive around the airport to take photos. I swear he spends more time there on an average day than I spend with my nose up my bum. Or Lupina’s bum for that matter.

Frens, it’s been an exhausting day for this poor SauSage so I will leave you to it. I trust your belly-rubbing caretakers do a better job tomorrow.

Marty The Marmot (A320) at DFW

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