Spindle meets a fellow hound…

I’m in love with this sweet pup and the eloquence of her delightful caretaker. Please do subscribe – the machinations of Spindle Towers will keep one entertained – and one might learn something!

Elsie Spindlehound

My dearest pals, I hold up a weary and sun kissed paw to you in the fondest of greetings! I am relaxing, as is the Spindle way, in the garden. I have had a busy few days and I simply MUST report to you that I have made a new pal! We ventured out from Spindle Towers for the first time in months at the weekend, and went for a bbq with some friends whom we hold in high regard. I myself was holding the prospect of the bbq in high regard, as we all know that there is an international law stating that there must be sausages at such an event. 

Once there, we settled ourselves at a respectable and ‘science led’ distance from each other and then I saw a fellow hound! I could barely believe my beady eyes. As any hound staff will already know, we…

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