Friday pleasures

Happy Friday to all. The morning began earlier than I’d have preferred (3.30am) as I couldn’t sleep and nothing is more frustrating to me than tossing and turning in bed trying to get comfortable and clear the brain trumpet cacophony.

So I rose, made coffee and sausages for my breakfast and later on, the woofs got to enjoy their own (sausages, not coffee).

I made myself useful. Took the dogs on a car ride to pick up some prescriptions and they both got a biscuit each from the pharmacist at the drive through. Now after almost 25 years here, I still don’t get/like drive through services, with the exception of ATM machines (for security reasons). However in the days of Covid, and with two dogs that love any excuse to saddle up and stick noses out the window, I adapt.

Home again, they reminded me that the biscuit jar is empty so I made them a batch of biscuits which are now cooling prior to the next task; quality control…. A job they take very seriously.

Later today I will make their chicken/rice/pumpkin dinner in the InstantPot and clear out the battery drawer (hope Johann escaped).

I’ll leave you with the toad we discovered last night.

2 thoughts on “Friday pleasures

  1. I will never forget the time my drunk british friend’s wife accused me of “making up words that don’t exist in English”, such as Motel, Burglarize and, of course, drivethru!

    1. So was it your British friend who was drunk or his wife? Asking for a friend. I have to say I agree with her – a motel was something I first came across in the US (closest thing we probably had at the time was motorway hotel). “Drivethru” just rubs us up the wrong way. Drive through, perhaps. Again, back in 1995 when I left the country, I’d not experienced driving my car through anything, with the exception of a car wash. Those were probably the only examples… Still horrifies me the range of drive through things here… pharmacies, churches, beer places (GA), churches (tacky LV) and trees. Oh yes, trees. I have a story about that one.

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