Pizza day

Yesterday I decided to prepare dough for making a pizza – the recipe (that originated with King Arthur Flour’s website) involved several rise phases, a final 40 minute rise and then into the fridge for 12+ hours.

This morning, three hours before baking started, I pulled out the dough and stretched it into a Lodge cast iron pan pre-oiled (with good olive oil). There after a few stretched, it gets covered with a cloth and rested for two hours.

After resting, it ‘s time to make the sauce. For me, this was a large can of good San Marzano tomatoes (with juice), sliced and added to a pan with some fried onions, garlic and salt. I simmered it for 30 minutes to concentrate the flavours, then put it in the oven at 190f for another 45 minutes whilst I went to get some wine.

Whilst in Southlake picking up the case I ordered from Central Market, I drove past the fire station where someone added masks to the police/fire rescue dog memorial. Back home again…

The pizza dough, now nicely risen and at room temperature is lightly topped with mozzarella, then the sauce (by now cooled and blended thoroughly) and a final layer of cheese and some basil and oregano from the herb garden.

25 minutes later (bottom of a 450f oven, non-convection), it came out rather well.

Update: This is the dough recipe used:

For the flour, I used Barton Spring Mills Rouge de Bordeaux (

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