New York World Trade Centre Complex

After working in New Jersey last year and as of January, lower Manhattan on a project with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, I am now in my last week in the area with no idea if I will be back (for work, at least). My friend here (you know who you are) has been encouraging me to walk around the area, however I’ve been plagued by foot issues of late.

Having said that, the proximity of my office and hotel to the World Trade Centre (WTC) means I could no longer put this off and today after work, I wandered around the former WTC area. First up, a visit to the South Pool, a memorial to those who lost their lives in the South Tower. Their names are engraved around the perimeter of the memorial and on their birthday, a white rose is placed by their name.

There is a North Pool too, exactly the same concept.

Walking around, there’s plenty of the usual city security on display with a mix of NYPD and Port Authority police. I was thrilled to spot a Port Authority K-9 officer with his 2 year old male German Shepherd. Apparently he loves this weather and hates the summer heat. Lupina and Sage can relate.


From the base of the new One World Trade Centre, there’s a good view of the tower itself.

For those with the money ($34 at time of writing), a visit to the Observatory level is a lot of fun. After security, an express elevator whisks the visitors to the 102nd floor in a matter of seconds and there’s a nice video experience in the lift during this time. Unfortunately there’s some “sheeple” experiences as they guide you through one presentation which seems pointless and then you run the gauntlet of the photographers wanting to take your photo… No thanks…

However the 360 degree viewing deck is excellent with up-close views (you can go right up to the glass which is kept pretty clean) of the city and this is where the visit becomes worthwhile.

North with the Hudson River.
Midtown Manhattan in the distance, beyond which is Central Park.
The bridge in the centre is the Manhattan Bridge and the one on the right is the Brooklyn Bridge
South with Governor’s Island (left) and Statue of Liberty (right)

Having concluded my trip vertically, I descended to ground level and returned to my hotel but not before passing The Oculus, a shopping centre with some interesting external architecture.

Overall, a good experience and next time I am here, I’ll take in the 9/11 Museum and other local delights.

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