2017 Outlook

Friends, Romanulans, countrymen, lend me your pointy ears.

2016 was an interesting year – terror, political upheaval and horror of all horrors, only one international trip; that it was Iceland made up for it, but still.

2017 will rectify the parts in my control.  Germany, Japan and Ireland are planned with only the last one being unscheduled as yet.  A chance to catch up with international friends and make some new ones.

Work-wise, I’ll be spending a bit of time in Houston again implementing a medium scale SAP environment on Oracle SuperCluster M32 (four of them).  This will involve moving 70Tb of databases and 20Tb of weekly transaction logs across 1,400 miles from Ontario to Texas, part of which will be a physical move of a ZFS appliance containing backups augmented by a network link for the transaction logs.  Following the successful migration in mid-2017, who knows what will be next?

Last year at the Enkitec E4 conference I was introduced to the yet-to-be announced Oracle MiniCluster – a smaller version of SuperCluster but still based on Sun Oracle SPARC chips with Oracle Solaris and now I see spec sheets for the MiniCluster S7-2 which look exciting with SPARC support for encryption and compression as well as SQL Analytics offload processing.  Still, this product appears to be missing the smarts of Exadata Storage Cells so it’s not a full-blown SuperCluster/Exadata from that perspective.  Having said that, it has a boatload of memory, flash storage, dedicated redo storage and general purpose as well.  Likely hook this up with ZFS over Infiniband and it’s a great small scale solution.  Probably costs less than $1M too.

This year will also be exciting because of the release of Oracle Database 12cR2 Enterprise Edition – which Oracle is touting as a brand new release, rather than an incremental release as all previous R2 products have been.  Quite why they don’t just call it 13c and be done with it is beyond me.  Lots of new features and enhancements to features in 12cR1.

Should be an interesting year.

Not wanting to be left out





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