Painless Oracle binary uploads

Ever been in a situation where a client asks you to install some Oracle product and that requires you to get all those image files to the server?  You are not alone.  If you are lucky, the client provides you with VNC/X11 access and you can open a browser on their server and download it.  If this describes every situation, stop reading now.

If not, here’s a nice work-around that eats none of your bandwidth.  It requires you to have an Oracle e-delivery account, either under their CSI or yours.  This method uses their server’s internet connection and uses WGET to download the binaries from  For those of us needing to download tens of GB of binaries, it saves us time (slow scp transfer) and money (ISP overage fees).

On a local browser, navigate to  Sign in with your Oracle single sign on information.  Find the product you want and accept any relevant licence agreements.

Once done and on the download page, click the “WGET” link, bottom left.


Now download the file.


Upload that file to the client’s server and put it in a directory you will be using to download the media.

Now, edit the file.  You want to change the SSO_PASSWORD (which will be blank) to the password associated with the Oracle SSO account you used.

# SSO username and password

Finally, make the script executable and run it.  All relevant files will be downloaded using unique URLs generated just for you.  They do expire after a number of hours/days though, so use them promptly.


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