OMF and Pluggable Databases

How many of you are using Oracle Managed Files and have something similar to this?

CDB Parameters

Well, it’s a nice feature, especially with file systems where you don’t want to type a potentially long path name when adding datafiles/redo logs and couple that with the option to clean up datafiles upon tablespace drop, it can make a DBA’s life easier.

Alas, easy isn’t always good, especially when it comes to pluggable databases (12c).  Consider this situation – below are the datafiles associated with my pluggable database PDB2.  Look at the first line and you’ll see that one datafile associated with the SOE tablespace is in the wrong place (some will shrug and accept that it’s not in an optimal location).  I don’t like this and it’s because when I created that tablespace, I didn’t specify the full path.

PDB2 Datafiles

So, I get to use the online move datafile command to fix it.

alter database move datafile 49 to ‘/home/oracle/app/oracle/oradata/cdb1/pdb2/soe.dbf’;

PDB datafiles post-move

All better now.

This short post is a reminder that you do need to think a bit more around pluggable databases, especially if you want to keep things neat and tidy.  Especially if you have different mount points or ASM disk groups dedicated to individual or collective PDBs.

Keep thinking, folks.

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