In defence of being lazy

So today I wanted to export a 35GB partitioned table and really didn’t feel like going through the process of using DataPump; the thought of creating a parameter file for one lousy table didn’t appeal to me.  So I used the old trusty Export (exp).  It barfed with an internal consistency error.  Hmmmm.  I can’t be bothered solving that one for now, I just want my data.  No Toad, you are not going to put 38 million rows into Excel or a pretty INSERT script file.  I don’t think so.

Why make it simple eh?  Let’s use the DBMS_DATAPUMP API to do it.  Heck, yeah!


l_dp_handle NUMBER;
l_last_job_state VARCHAR2 (30) := ‘UNDEFINED’;
l_job_state VARCHAR2 (30) := ‘UNDEFINED’;
l_sts KU$_STATUS;

l_dp_handle := (operation => ‘EXPORT’,
job_mode => ‘TABLE’,
remote_link => NULL,
job_name => ‘TX_EXPORT’,
version => ‘LATEST’);

DBMS_DATAPUMP.add_file (handle => l_dp_handle,
filename => ‘SPB.dmp’,
directory => ‘DATAPUMP_EXP’);

DBMS_DATAPUMP.add_file (handle => l_dp_handle,
filename => ‘SPB.log’,
directory => ‘DATAPUMP_EXP’,

DBMS_DATAPUMP.metadata_filter (handle => l_dp_handle,
name => ‘NAME_EXPR’,

DBMS_DATAPUMP.start_job (l_dp_handle);

DBMS_DATAPUMP.detach (l_dp_handle);

So there it is.  What did I do?

  • Define some variables
  • Open an export job for type TABLE and gave it a job name
  • Added a file to receive the data, referencing the pre-created and r/w granted directory
  • Added a file to receive the log, ditto on the directory
  • Created the filter that uses a name expression to export the single table “TRANSACTION_AD”
  • Started the job
  • Detached the session (I suspect if I had not done this, the session would not return until the job completed; I wanted to walk away and get coffee and have a natter).

That was it.  I ended up with a pair of dump/log files that I could use elsewhere for my nefarious purposes. 8432553117_444c560d40_z

The benefits of being idle.

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