Farewell, Google Drive

I liked you a lot – at first.   Your terabyte of glorious storage for all my digital detritus made  sense to my ever growing storage needs and all that for a reasonable $10 a month.  Dropbox had fallen behind with a 100GB storage cap at that time although with my bonus storage I had more…  Yet Dropbox just seemed to be a better product; I wanted a hybrid of the two.

Alas Google Drive, your sync process has just killed my love for you.  Having rebuilt two machines and with a USB drive local backup of all my Google Drive storage I came to find that you have to re-download the entire collection all over again.  Everything.  All 215GB of storage out there in that cloudy thing had to be re-downloaded, even though I already had the majority of it on a local disk.  What’s with that, Google?

Until the simplistic sync process gets some modifications, your product will remain off limits.  I already consume enough bandwidth at home with Netflix, work, server downloads and the like; now to have to download another 430GB of storage for no good reason has just driven me off the cliff.



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