Zipper Frustration

I recently came across a template virtual machine for Oracle’s latest Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control (URL here) which came in four zipped files through Oracle’s eDelivery site.  Since this appears to be around 15GB as a download, their split file approach is a reasonable one.

However my Mac refuses to unzip all but one of these files (which is of no use, btw):

warning []:  76 extra bytes at beginning or within zipfile (attempting to process anyway)
error []:  reported length of central directory is -76 bytes too long (Atari STZip zipfile?  J.H.Holm ZIPSPLIT 1.1 zipfile?).  
   skipping: VBox_EM12cR4_1.ova      need PK compat. v4.5 (can do v2.1)
note: didn't find end-of-central-dir signature at end of central dir. (please check that you have 
transferred or created the zipfile in the appropriate BINARY mode and that you have compiled UnZip 

Well, that’s sub-optimal.  The issue appears to be that Oracle split one large OVA file into four zip files at compression time.  Oddly, native “unzip” in Apple OSX doesn’t seem to like this much at all.  My solution comes in the installation and use of 7zip.  That worked and produced somewhat more glorious results….

# 7z a
7-Zip [64] 9.20 Copyright (c) 1999-2010 Igor Pavlov 2010-11-18
p7zip Version 9.20 (locale=utf8,Utf16=on,HugeFiles=on,4 CPUs)
Processing archive:
Extracting VBox_EM12cR4_1.ova
Everything is Ok
Size: 4294967296
Compressed: 4230252506

The interesting part of this story is the installation of 7zip.  This required:

  • installation of Apple’s xcode from the App store
  • installation of MacPorts (
  • installation of 7zip through MacPorts (sudo port install pz7ip)


After this, I was able to concatenate the OVA files together and get a VM up and running (although it’s now stuck waiting on the iSCSI daemon starting).

Zipper frustration
Zipper frustration

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