Tipton Place (Cades Cove) and noses…

Back to the Smoky trip, Cades Cove is an interesting location for photography with many good historical sites available and accessible.  One such is Tipton Place.

Revolutionary War veteran William “Fighting Billy” Tipton became the first of the Tipton clan to acquire land in the Smoky Mountains, taking advantage of Tennessee’s land grant program in the 1820s.  Colonel Hamp Tipton, a veteran of the Civil War, built the two-story cabin which still stands in Cades Cove in the early 1870s.  His daughters, Lucy and Lizzie, were school teachers who also lived on the property.  Along with the cabin, the homestead includes a carriage house, a smokehouse, a woodshed, and a replica of a double-cantilever barn.  James McCaulley, a blacksmith, would move into the cabin In 1878 and lived there until he built his own house.

I think many people have photographed this double-cantilever barn.

Tipton Place - cantilever barn
Tipton Place – cantilever barn

Carter Shields Cabin

The Carter Shields Cabin is believed to have been built in the 1830s.  George Washing “Carter” Shields, a veteran of the Civil War who was crippled in the Battle of Shiloh in April 1862, called the cabin his home from 1910-1921.   The area provided a beautiful place to retire, as the Dogwood trees which bloom there in the spring make it one of the loveliest stops on the cove tour.  The Carter Shields Cabin stands at the last homestead on the Cades Cove driving loop.

Carter Shields Cabin (panorama)
Carter Shields Cabin (panorama)

Looking at one of the side buildings, it shows how rough logs were shaped to form basic buildings – you can still see the axe marks in the wood clearly.


Driving through Cades Cove, Andy spotted this tree stump with some unusual decoration.

Noses... and a snail
Noses… and a snail

The mushrooms on the side look like noses.  One of them resembles a snail.   I used focus stacking with several (five) focal points for this image, preserving focus across many points and blended with Photoshop CC.

Happy shooting.




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