Fur, foam and fun

Time for a bath

Lupina got a bath today.  Me too.  The options were to put her into the bath and get in myself which is not the most pleasant experience or to use the hosepipe.  Since the warm weather is still with us, she really needed a bath to help with the shedding so she got a nice lathering with the FURminator deShedding shampoo.  They recommend keeping her lathered up for ten minutes before rinsing off, so doing it outside was a good idea.
The wet dog experience was a good one.  The water was not cold and just in case, I had a bucket with warm water if needed.   The gunk worked well and after ten minutes, the rinsing could start.  I’d set the hose nozzle to create a fine mist so it wasn’t too harsh on her.
The lather

Enjoying a rub

Getting foamy

We’re in this together

Shake it…

Getting soaked

Water, water everywhere

Hosing myself down

Playful shake time

Off to see Claudia

Here I come

Still coming

Friends again

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