Cemeteries, airports and industrial decay

Sunday 10th January 2010

Today was a local trip to Rome (GA) to visit the Myrtle Hill Cemetery.  Very impressive site (if you like old graves and endless statues).  The place was deserted with not a soul in sight (literally) and I was the only living being there.
Constant companion
On the drive there, I passed through Rockmart which has an interesting decayed concrete plant just outside it.  Quite creepy I’d imagine in the dark or with fog.  Definitely worth the five minute stop for taking some pictures.
Industrial Decay (Topaz Adjust)
On the way home, I stopped at the new Paulding County Regional Airport which is still under construction although the runways are in place.  Will be interesting to see what sort of traffic this brings when it becomes operational and they finish building the terminal.
Paulding County airport - fuel tank storage and beacon
Have a lovely week,


One thought on “Cemeteries, airports and industrial decay

  1. Are you trying to write a script for a new Horror movie? 🙂 Looking for places to run the film? hahaha just kidding I think you should have taken many interesting pics… Take care, have a great week you too! Rick

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