Fruit cake Saturday

Saturday 9th January 2010

Whilst some of you have been sitting on couches obsessing over something called a “play-off”, I took a nice trip today that started as an attempt to buy a good colour printer but ended up somewhere quite different. Visiting Fry’s Electronics in Alpharetta (yes Kristen, I know it’s your least favourite retailer), I decided that since the roads are back to normal, I’d go to the Monastery of the Holy Spirit near Conyers – a great place for contemplation, photography and fruit cake.
Monastery of the Holy Spirit (HDR)
The monastery has a lovely small chapel with excellent lighting and expansive grounds around a lake.  They also host retreats.
Drinking duck
I will likely go back again very soon – it was an interesting place.  I made friends with a cat, watched a duck attempt to drink from a frozen lake and came away with a 2lb fruit cake.  I know you are all jealous, especially about the last part – feel free to drop me a line with suggestions relating to its consumption.
Monastery cat  with stick 6

Have a lovely and warmer Sunday.


One thought on “Fruit cake Saturday

  1. Nice pics! Wow what a beatiful place. I need to go there and check it. Has the ice melted on you division? Well, with the Fruit cake I suggest either a Porto wine or a Frangelico… 🙂 Take care! Rick

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