Picasso adventure

Saturday 7th November 2009

A late lunch in the quaint Rue Cler which probably doesn’t get a whole lot of traffic as it sits near the Eiffel Tower and by the time most people have climbed up and down it, their legs won’t take them further.  Rue Cler is a very short street with restaurants and all manner of gourmet cheese, wine and fruit stores.  We had crepes at a Greek restaurant that played the same tune over and over.  A sign that they staff were immune to it; I wanted to come home and look it up on iTunes 🙂

Later, we went in search of the Picasso museum in Paris – located near the Pompidou arts centre.  Alas after traipsing through the relatively busy streets, we discover that the museum has been closed since late August for “building renovations”.  So no Picasso.  It did however involve two passes through Captain Nemo’s interesting metro station (Arts et Metiers) mentioned earlier this week.

We did however see the excellent National Archive building and took some pictures.

National Archive (HDR)

Last full day in Paris tomorrow.

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