Looks like winter

Sunday 1st November 2009

A gloomy, rainy Parisian Sunday greets All Souls Day here.  A planned trip to the Pompidou arts centre was foiled by the “Free Sunday” – the first of the month in this case being free admission to many museums and galleries.  The queue to get in stretched around the square ensuring not only a full museum, but a wet and stinky one too.

On a positive note, we did get to see the bizarre Metro station “Arts and Crafts” on line 11 that is fashioned like the inside of some elaborate 19th century submarine, complete with portholes and odd ceiling machinery. Alas my picture of it did not do well thanks to the horrid lighting down there but here it is anyway.

Weird submarine-like metro station

So our next plan was to visit the vast cemetery of Pere-Lachaise which occupies almost 120 acres in central Paris.    “Home” to many famous people from world history, it’s really more of an interesting place to visit for the scenery and the atmosphere.  I’d love to come back on a foggy day or one with a fresh coat of snow.  Trawl the pages of flikr and you’ll also find it home to a number of cats.

Looks like winter (black and white)

After a quick bite at a nearby Colombian restaurant, home to post pictures and prepare for the work week ahead.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend…

More pictures at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/spbutterworth/

One thought on “Looks like winter

  1. Metro station “Arts and Crafts” on line 11 something I need to see next time, I did not even know about this and I love Nautical stuff… Rick

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