Napoleon’s Tomb and the Army Museum

Saturday 31st October 2009

A quiet morning spent over coffee and bread (brioche of course) followed by a trip on the metro to the Army Museum and Tomb of Napoleon.  Metro trips provide adequate entertainment – the trick is to spot the accordion/saxophone/harmonica player and avoid that carriage like the plague.  When it gets busy, the challenge can also be getting off at your station prior to the doors closing (preferably whilst retaining all your limbs).

Cannon on parade

The Army Museum is large and offers an extensive series of exhibitions but especially good coverage of  (body) armour, swords and early firearms.  They have a relatively comprehensive section dedicated to each world war and the view from France.

Claudia and the Knight

Adjacent to the Museum is the very impressive Tomb of Napoleon – a large structure with sculptures, painted dome ceilings and everything one would expect for an significant historical leader.

The Tomb of Napoleon

Four hours of touring these two sites left little time to continue on to the Mitterand Library, so we’ll leave that for another day. A late afternoon lunch of (French) onion soup and a selection of meats completed a very satisfying day.

One thought on “Napoleon’s Tomb and the Army Museum

  1. Nice! I have not been there yet. Maybe in a next trip we will visit. From the pictures it looks really nice. Have you seen the movie “Da Vinci Code”? if not, you should both see it while in Paris… then go for a walk and identify the places… Shirley and I did it and we enjoyed. Anyway, pay a visit to the Saint-Sulpice Church (movie scenery) close to the Musee d'Orsay. Marquis de Sade was baptized there and Victor Hugo got married there as well. Check its Organ, one of the oldest organs of northern Europe… Amazing for your pics (in addition to the statues)…. 😉 Rick

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