Week in review – November 28th 2008

Happy Anniversary to us!
Hard to believe, but November 23rd was our first anniversary and we went out to dinner at Roy’s in Atlanta – one of our favourite places for excellent fish and wine.

Photo stuff
Another publication has chosen one of my photographs for their web site. A couple of months ago, Whole Foods used one of my pictures on their product pages. This week, Schmap(!!) asked to use one of my pictures from Key West on their map guide for Miami (I know – I was confused too). Schmap!!

Dinner was good – we had pork loin with a blackberry reduction which was great as usual. Oddly we had this almost exactly a year ago and it was just as good then.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Catnip seems to be the drug of choice still. Curiosity got in on the action the other day by rolling around in the box with the catnip and becoming quite satisfied with her delinquent state.
If you don't talk to your cat about catnip...
Of course this often leads to turf wars over who gets to loll about in the box of recreational substances.
Catnip territory
After that, she felt the need to rest a little…
Curiosity sleeping

She did recover long enough for me to take a portrait shot.
Curiosity - portrait of a modern cat

Two week countdown
Yes, two weeks today we’ll be on a plane bound for Europe. Quite exciting. I’m sure I’ll be posting photos when we return.

Not that we’re counting but…

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