Merry voting day

Tuesday 4th November 2008
Yes, it’s voting day here in the jolly US. That means I got to exercise my vote again – all very exciting. We’ll see what the ballot fairy brings in the morning or whether she has to be dragged through court first. Not being one to be pessimistic, we just don’t want blood and gore from beating around the bush.

Fawking around
Tomorrow is of course the 5th of November. It’s always entertaining to consider that as one country elects its leaders, another had tried to blow them all up and for that, we are generous enough to bestow this fine calendar event on the world. Guy Fawkes was clearly one who resented the status quo (I think they played their first concert in 1605) and took matters into his own hands to see that they change for the better. Needless to say he probably didn’t intend for us to celebrate burning effigies at the stake for the next 400 years although he might be impressed at the fireworks.

Who says the electoral process doesn’t work?

Everything is bigger in Germany
As seen in this recent exchange between the heads of state from Germany and France.

Clearly had Gordon Brown (look him up if you have no clue who he is) been there, it would have been a different story.

Light relief
Thanks to Pat(ricia) for this recent gem.

Reading etc…
Sorry, haven’t done any.

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