On parole…. Sunday 28th September, 2008

The Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Yes, a day of rest on Sunday following a successful and relatively short database maintenance period from midnight to 4am. Invigorated by a lighter schedule, we both decided to escape the coop and visit the Atlanta Botanical Gardens as planned.

The inevitable frog shot

Yes, it’s predictable and in twenty years when we go back and I’m still taking pictures of Claudia and the frog, I know that one day it will that proverbial straw. Until then, I’m going to enjoy it.

The day was great and the weather was kinder than of late although still a little on the warm side. One thing I like about the gardens is that sometimes we see things that we could implement at home. When looking for ground cover last year, I found the juniper plants that one day will provide it (I planted a few sample plants that have survived so it’s just a case of getting it done). This weekend’s inspiration comes from the Japanese garden they have which uses plants, rocks and pebbles.

Japanese Garden

With a sloped back garden, soil erosion due to water run-off and also the shade provided by all the tall trees makes a lawn somewhat impractical – and mowing it really is a pain. So one idea would be to terrace it in Oriental style and try something like this. Well,I’m just thinking out loud but I find myself talking to myself a lot of late so this is of no surprise.

As usual, we visited many of the traditional garden highlights, including the unassuming pond in front of the orchid house. This often has some lovely plants including these which remind me of islands in the South Pacific.
Not that I’ve been to the South Pacific… Pity about the reflection of the pavilion; evidently an event was just finishing and I believe Lexus had something to do with it.

Unless they have an exceptional special exhibit there, the favourite is always the orchid house or the hot climate cactus environment. I like purple so it’s only reasonable that I’d take pictures like this one…

..or this one…
Claudia and the orchids

Claudia in the moss
Claudia framed by Spanish moss. It’s not moss nor is it Spanish….

More orchids..

Stephen and the anomaly
A rare picture of me. Anyone watching the BBC (America) series Primeval will recognize the thing behind me. Those of you who do not shall remain in the dark.

More frogs…
More frog photos

Claudia and the other frog

One advantage of being diabetic – if you need to eat, you tend to get something pretty quickly. With the warmer weather and walking around, I was in need of food so we were going to venture to Top Spice in Marietta for an early dinner. As we were discussing it, we passed their location on Piedmont and instead ended up at Ru San’s – a Japanese sushi place. Now I don’t eat sushi but I love tempura so I got tuna and vegetable tempura with enough wasabi to kill a rhino. It was great and I really recommend it – the food, but not necessarily the ambiance. It’s cheap and cheerful and then there’s the green paste o’ desire.

The week ahead
Well, this may be a quieter week. Perhaps time to take more photos to bore everyone with on flikr.com. Have a lovely one yourself.

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