Week in review – August 31st, 2008

Happy Labour Day Weekend.

For those “not across the pond”, this is the American holiday, not the political party. We get to take the first Monday of September off so we can bbq (burn) food, sleep in late and for some, shop. Retail madness on any holiday has not appealed to me for a very long time so I shall not be partaking.

This week we had our CEO’s new hire/anniversary lunch. Steve, Steve and Steve were in attendance so we used the opportunity to have Pam (thanks Pam) take a picture. The others think I should grow a beard. Claudia pointed out that they need to shave their heads. Middle ground…

The Three Steves

Fame at last…

Have you ever seen “The Jerk” with Steve Martin? Well in this goofball of a movie, Martin plays somewhat of a nobody who finally moves away from home and lives in a room at the garage he works at. He’s thrilled when he gets a phone and shows up in the phone book proclaiming that he’s somebody at last. Little does he know a killer has randomly selected a victim from the phone book – and he’s it. Hopefully google.com doesn’t work this way (or hopefully killers don’t use google.com this way).

Cat Stuff
Curiosity and the fingers – she was out the other day and going crazy on the rocking chair. In order to tempt her to be a willing subject, I waggled my fingers and she took the hint.
Curiosity and the fingers

Let me in… She also is good at balancing on top of the chair to voice her concerns that I really am slacking in my duties as a doorman to the cats. I need to work out how to suppress the flash effect in glass – using a diffuser would be an option with an external unit.
Let me in

More sleeping… Tinto gets more practice. He’s presently lying almost on top of the air conditioning vent. If my father-in-law were here, he’s suggest that Tinto take that heavy fur coat off….
Tinto sleeping

Monday being a holiday,I’ll be cooking. We have chicken which is currently taking a soak in ginger wasabi beer marinade and some nice New York Strip steaks. I managed to get some more decent charcoal (the real stuff) from Barbeques Galore yesterday so I’m happy. I used the crummy Kingsford briquettes the last time because I was out of the good stuff and although it did the job, I wasn’t too happy with the flavour.

With our upcoming trip to Europe this December, one thing that became obvious is that the TomTom 910 needs an upgrade. It’s got European maps (3 years old) and is bulky. I need something smaller with up to date maps and portable enough that when we’re out in a city, we can walk around with it. Enter the now-discontinued Garmin nuvi 670 which retailed at the beginning of the year for around $800. Now $300, it’s been replaced by the nuvi 700 series which frankly offer very little new. This one is small enough to slip in your pocket (try doing that with the TomTom).

Book Review
Still ploughing my way through the previously mentioned ones. Perhaps this week will be quiet and next week I’ll have made some progress.
Tinto sticks his tongue out

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