Week in review – August 24th, 2008

Happy Sunday.

Tomorrow is Monday of course and it’ll be a good week for me – have a new team member starting tomorrow and I pass the (non-Olympic) baton of being the on-call DBA as well. A double reward, just for showing up 🙂

This week has been pleasant – life continues at its usual breakneck pace and although this week was quieter than last, it presented its own challenges. We’re making great progress on some long term strategy items at work so I’m happy with the direction. Four weeks to San Francisco 🙂

Claudia has had a busy week – she’s back at Georgia State along with the Great Unwashed (undergraduates), some of whom she has the dubious pleasure of teaching (CIS 20102 – Introduction to Computer Based Information Systems). I’m surprised she doesn’t come home with steam escaping her ears since one of the big topics here is Microsoft Access 2007 and as a former Oracle DBA (like myself, a fine profession), it’s like having driven a BMW for the past few years and then being given a Vespa. Still, it probably gets better fuel economy figures 🙂 Anyway, she seems to be doing well with it and it is one of the necessary evils for PhD students.
Not co-operating...

I was out on the deck with one of the cats the other day and saw this small frog under a mat so of course presented with that opportunity dug out the camera. I looked it up and apparently it’s a Green Frog, native to these parts. And you thought all frogs were green (some of you may think that have a pig for a best friend but we ate her last weekend).
The Frog
On the subject of photos, I am still switching to Flikr.com for my photos – so far they seem to offer some decent functionality although I like the end-user friendliness of Picassa where albums are much more analogous to their paper-based cousins. Until I get bored, I’ll likely upload to both but pictures for this site will now be linked to my Flikr pages.

Cat face
Here’s Tinto showing off his better side (his other side is virtually indistinguishable).
Tinto - a portrait

Book Review
Well, the Battle for Spain continues. As I mentioned last week, I am still reading the sequel in the Will Thomas series which I have now finished.

To Kingdom Come
(the above title is a link to the Amazon.com page). This sequel to “Some Danger Involved”, a true British understatement, gets off to a decent enough start. This time the agency is embroiled in a terrorist attack against Scotland Yard and the investigation to find the perpetrators. I finally finished it and have to say it was most enjoyable and a good read, especially as a stress relief valve. Will Thomas has a quaint writing style in this series and does well keeping to it. I may investigate the next in this series…

The Limehouse Text by Will Thomas
Next in the series…

Movie Review
Muriel’s Wedding
(the above title is a link to the Netflix.com page). Another rather offbeat Australian comedy from the mid-1990s tells the tale of Muriel, a rather bizarre figure and her even stranger family. She’s bought into that whole idea that her wedding will be the most important day of her life (kinda sad that anyone says that), but when it finally comes, it’s not quite what she bargains for. She finally realizes what is important though (it has zip to do with weddings) and the movie ends on a positive note (so no need for the razor blades).

And now for something completely different.
Here’s one you won’t see in the movies…

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