Week in review – August 17th, 2008

Claudia’s back!
Hooray! She got back into Atlanta this afternoon after a week in sunny Toronto. Pictures will be posted once we get them uploaded. She picked a great week to be away since it’s been busy for me at work and I’ve been burning the midnight oil on a couple of projects. Her flight was slightly delayed initially thanks to a computer system glitch with Customs & Immigration in Toronto (apparently you clear US customs there) so that was interesting. Along with Netflix and Google who both had issues this week, the US Government was also not exempt.

Since I’ve been busy, not a lot to add this weekend. Took plenty of pictures of the cats (of course) and fiddled with my camera in the quieter hours (there was one in there somewhere).

dreaded leaf tormentor To: LL Bean Returns Department

With some stuff from LL Bean arriving, both cats decided the box would be a good home temporarily. Neither of them would consent to an appearance together. My experiment with different camera settings resulted in my getting many pictures of dust on the floor which was perfectly in focus (in spite of having vacuumed). Must mop the floor and work out the focus kinks 🙂

It's mine.  Get your own! Reminds me to dust and wash that dang bag.. Fountain drinker

I did manage to make some lunches for next week – I mention this only because my solution to a logistics problem of putting potatoes on a fish pie was at first, ingenious. Using a Ziploc bag, I piped the potato on top hower as you can see, it really resembles something else. Gives me something amusing to smile at next week at lunch.

Any idea what this is?

Reviews of the week…
Don’t make me laugh – I haven’t had time to open a book or apply alternating electrical current to the tube this week. However if it all pans out (and it will), next week I’ll finish off the detective novel and recommence the Spanish Civil War (I mean read the book, not incite a re-run of the unpleasantries).

Next week…
Next week, I should be back to normal, schedule-wise so will try to write something more interesting. I may even get out more and take pictures of non-cat things.

A last word…
Seems we should be rich – our cat has a cola line…

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