Toronto Bound, Blood and the High Resolution Cat

The Great North
Claudia is in Toronto now, having left earlier this week. I’m sure she’ll have a great time there as there’s much to do and see (assuming she can escape from the conference). She does need to bring back a maple leaf for Tinto since he likes to collect them so much.

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Early Riser…
Today (Thursday), he brought me a leaf at 4am. Bear in mind I didn’t get to bed until 11.30pm and was tired having started Wednesday at 3am. So this morning’s 4am call was “useful” since I had to be on a conference call at 4.45am. It gave me extra preparation time. Evidently he was exhausted after this effort.

Olympic Snoozing
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So today I got the results of my quarterly blood tests. My endocrinologist tracks my glucose levels closely and until July, I was treating a fairly serious type 1 diabetes with pills and inexact insulin. Having taken on an insulin pump that provides insulin all day, every day, my glucose control is much better. To show this, the A1c test that shows the long term (60-90 days) trend was 9.8 three months ago and had been climbing for the past couple of years (non-diabetics have a level less than 5.9 apparently).

My level as of a week ago was 6.6. That’s a huge drop in a short time thanks to the technology. Well worth the $6,000 my insurance company paid for it 🙂

High Resolution Cat
So I can now take higher resolution pictures with the XSi – 12.2MP up from 7MP. Hopefully there will be an equally decent leap in composition and quality as a result. I’m sure I’ll be hearing from some….

High Resolution Cat
Originally uploaded by spbutterworth

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