New Honda hydrogen vehicle

Exciting Times
Honda have released their first FCX Clarity to its first customer. This is an exciting piece of technology and Honda has obviously addressed concerns that it might get stolen. Namely by building in a theft deterrent – look at the size of the dang key! No one is going to steal that sucker because they don’t want to carry this around with them 🙂

Review link is here.

One thought on “New Honda hydrogen vehicle

  1. A limited number of 2009 Honda hydrogen Accords will be will be leased to customers in Southern California for $600 per month. They cost a fortune to build. Southern California was chosen, because that’s where a nework of hydrogen “refueling” stations has been established.This is a startling development as the hydrogen vehicle wasn’t expected to be ready until about 2020.Kudos to Honda (the only car I drive, because they run forever).

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