Working hard

I just have to add these. Working tonight on a database server migration (yes, it went smoothly), I had some help.

From 2008-07-26

She seems to enjoy being here.

From 2008-07-26

No comments from the peanut gallery about my lack of hair, please 🙂

So this morning Tinto decides to bring in a leaf for me and places it at my feet. An odd move since I’ve seen him eating meat regularly (he has no problem eating). I sent him out and he came back with a second. And a third. Presently there are three leaves sitting on the floor and I presume he’s in no mood to stop adding to the collection yet. Fortunately he’s eating now so perhaps he’ll take a nap. (ps – no such luck – he brought in the fourth one).

From 2008-07-26
From 2008-07-26

2 thoughts on “Working hard

  1. That she is. Not too technical mind you, but she knows that I have sufficient time to provide useful cat petting services between database commands.

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