Pumps, food and Europe.

Happy Sunday to you all.

A busy week indeed. In a way. I’ve had a quiet couple of weeks at work which have allowed me to enjoy the evenings and weekends. This week I’ve spent a lot of time calibrating my new insulin pump which has been great fun. In the two months since officially becoming a type 1 diabetic (actually a LADA for those wanting to split hairs), also known as insulin dependent, I have had a much better time using a pump. This marvellous device provides a constant stream of insulin throughout the day and night and gives significantly better blood glucose control.

From July 19 2008 …

On Friday I came to the conclusion that I really do need to attend the annual Oracle conference held in San Francisco, so it is off to that fine city I’ll be in late September. Lovely time of the year to visit the SF Bay area. Takes me back to one of the best times I had when I worked there for six months in 2001. Ahhh, the delights of an apartment overlooking the bay and Alcatraz. Not so much the 90 hour weeks that included sleeping under my desk many times. Very good for the frequent flyer miles though (weekly back to Florida).

This weekend was fun – I managed to cook four major dishes today that will provide sustenance for the week ahead. I had a curry craving so decided to make three lamb and one chicken dish. That of course involved an early expedition to Whole Foods for the requisite items and after seven hours of cooking, we now have some variety to consume in the coming weeks.

– Mughlai chicken with almonds and raisins (Shahjanani murghi)
– Delhi-style lamb with potatoes (Aloo gosht)
– Red lamb stew (Rogan josh)
– Kashmiri lamb stew (Kashmiri yakhni)

Soon I’ll be finishing the journey with:
– Beef baked with yoghurt and black pepper (Dum gosht)
– Beef with onions (Do piaza)

Not that eating all this will lead to….

The next couple of months will be very interesting. Early August sees my one year anniversary with Silverpop and what a year it has been! Anyway, more on that next month but it does mark a significant milestone and won’t go unnoticed.

Claudia is off to Canada for a conference in August (Toronto) so that should be interesting – still debating a quick trip there to see our Northern cousins. Seems 2008 will be the year of the conference. Toronto, San Francisco and then Paris.

So Paris. Claudia has a conference in Paris in mid-December so we are taking a Busure (Business/Pleasure) trip – the details are yet to be decided upon but likely it will involve a Saturday to Thursday stay in Paris for the conference and some tourist things followed by a trip into Spain. The current draft plan involves leaving Paris and driving to Bilbao to see the Guggenheim Museum (amongst other things) and then on to Barcelona for a few days. This, a revised version of our original honeymoon plans will indeed turn out to be our opportunity to get away from it all for a bit. Other than the odd weekend here and there, our first real holiday in two years. More to follow. Of course this means we’d be flying back to the US on or around Christmas so we’ll see how things work themselves out.

From Herding Cats …

Have a fun week!

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