Victory for the common DVD

The Telectroscope
Thanks to Gail who was in New York recently and came across this strange device (the title above is a link to the web page for it). Seems in Victorian England, this chap came up with the idea of building a direct tunnel under the Atlantic and putting large lenses at either end so one could see between the two locations. Sounds like quite an interesting project considering the technology available of the day; seeing how much it took to build the Channel tunnel (1/100th of the distance or so) and with 20th Century tools, this pipe dream was quite ambitious. No wonder he descended into madness.

From Herding Cats …

So Netflix about whom I wrote in a previous posting have decided to keep their customer’s profiles (ie: secondary queues). Great! But it is another fine example of a corporation making a monumental mistake only to retract it. A victory for common sense – and their bottom line.

That’s all for now…

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