The death of customer service

Well, it seems that customer service really is dying out. I’ve had three experiences in the past two days that convince me of this in varying degrees. One I can file under the heading “the death of common sense”.

Poor value
An optician I use, Pearle Vision, has caught my attention and ire today. Six months ago I bought a pair of glasses (frames and lenses) and I’ve just noticed that where the arm attaches to the frame, a part of it has broken off. It’s likely that in a few weeks, the arm will detach completely. So I called them and their response is that they will be willing to give me a 50% discount off the price of another identical crappy frame. Generous! Dr Pearle will be rolling in his grave, I’m sure. Back in the day, something you bought generally was guaranteed for a year. Not with them – 60 days and after that, unless you bought their frame insurance, you’re screwed. Indeed it’s them who are screwed since not only am I not going to be giving them $180 (half the cost of the frame) but I will not be going back. I’ll also be telling anyone I know (including you) that they suck.

Sure this practice may be more common place than we think but a 60 day warranty?

Like many people here, we love Netflix. It’s a service that allows you to receive DVDs by mail for an exceedingly low monthly rate (much less than renting from a local video store).

Netflix introduced a feature allowing people to have one account but multiple queues. Each member can manage their own queue of movies and Netflix sends movies off each queue in turn. In their infinite wisdom, they have decided to abandon this feature and will be deleting the non-primary profiles on September 1st. Note, this is a deletion so if your spouse has 100 movies in their profile queue, they will be deleted. Not merged. Not only does this not make sense but it will be bound to harm their business. Like many, I’ll be reviewing whether I like them enough to keep them and this goes a long way to cutting them off at the knees.

This is a link to another disgruntled customer

A restaurant near my office specializes in rotisserie chicken. It’s great and for $6 you get four large pieces and more bread than you can shake a butter knife at. So I went there on Wednesday and the conversation goes like this:

Server: “Welcome to Roasters, can I take your order?
Me: “Yes, I’d like a four piece dark please.”
Server: “I’m sorry sir, we only sell chicken. We don’t have duck.”
Me: “No, I want a four piece dark”
Server: “Sir, we only sell chicken, we don’t do dog.”
Me (frustrated) “I would like a four piece D-A-R-K”.

Right on their menu it specified dark meat or white meat. You think they’d be used to that by now. To further my amusement, she didn’t look like she’d worked at a Korean restaurant where such a dialogue would be perfectly understandable.

On a positive note
Target stores often have a pharmacy. For years (13) I have used Walgreens because they are also convenient and you can order refills of prescriptions online. Recently Walgreens have just become a pain to deal with (mostly due to insurance influence) but I’d had enough and transferred mine to Target.

So far, Target have done a great job. Fast, efficient and they are good at getting my insurance issues resolved. To top it all, my monthly bill has dropped from $150+ to about $70. Target (Walmart has a similar scheme but I don’t like the great unwashed feeling) have $4 prescriptions instead of the $25 I’d pay at Walgreens.

So Target gets my vote for a good job done this month.

Curiosity says hello…

From Herding Cats …

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