Visitors of all kinds

So after a brief hiatus of a couple of months, I’m back to publishing again. Work has been the reason for my absence and whilst some may not have noticed it (or even been grateful for it), I’m back with more of my inane and at times insane, ramblings.

It’s been a quiet period at home – Claudia very successfully completed her last half-year at GSU in her first year of the PhD programme and is now in the summer phase which means less work but only just. Apparently there’s a conference in Toronto (or at least somewhere within our Northern neighbour’s borders) in August so it will be interesting to see if we go to that.

Work at Silverpop has been great – lots of stuff to do associated with our latest big project which completed successfully a week or two ago. That is why I haven’t been here or picked up my camera in weeks. Although in retrospect it’s saved me many times from plonking down a grand on a new camera.

Visitors of all kinds

Our gardening effort of late has been somewhat restricted – we put up some Boston fern hanging baskets a while back which are sprouting strange growths.

This is Memorial Day weekend here in the US and we have Monday off. Claudia’s cousin has gone to the beach in Florida for a few days and left us her newish cat which she adopted about a month ago. Poor thing – he’s pretty intimidated by our cat so stays out of the way much of the time. Most of the time is spent under the bed or in the basement. I’m sure he’ll get used to us about the time for him to return home.

Will be back to publishing more when I have something notable to add…

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