Week of the Living Dead – and cheese.

Happy Friday!

It’s been a crappy week. I’ve been sick since Sunday 17th and fortunately have been able to work from home most of that. The rest of the time I’ve been in bed. Finally, Friday is here and I almost feel normal. At least I’ll be able to go back to work on Monday – I miss being in the office for many reasons (it’s that kind of place to work) but I have to say I have enjoyed being home with Claudia and the cat. Not my idea of a vacation though.

It’s the cat’s unofficial birthday on Wednesday 27th. That is, this is the anniversary of when I got her from the shelter. Looking back, she’s still the same although has lost that hopeless skinny look she once had (which is good). Here she is from that first day on top of one of my kitchen cabinets.

So Wednesday, her birthday present arrived. Don’t laugh. Yes, I know it’s basically a box with some corrugated cardboard in it. Yes, I know I paid more for it than it is “worth”. But then many presents are equally over-priced. She does enjoy it though and lies it it and rubs herself. The other night, it was in use by her evil twin (or so it seems from the demon eyes).

Quick poll.

Who likes hot chocolate? I’d imagine probably half of you wouldn’t turn down a decent hot chocolate (and we’re talking about good chocolate here, not the stuff from a packet or powder).

Who likes cheese? And again, good cheese. Something real (no, not cheese “food”) and not outlandish. Many people like cheese.

So that said, who wants cheese in their hot chocolate?

Yes, the lumpy looking thing on the spoon is melting cheese in hot chocolate. Apparently it’s a South American thing and as I recall, none of my European colleagues have expressed an interest, nay, a desire for this.

Keep smiling/breathing…

4 thoughts on “Week of the Living Dead – and cheese.

  1. Any cheese that’s in the fridge is fair game. We tend to have decent artisan cheeses – the popular one is Bella Fontina from Publix. It all turns to string anyway πŸ™‚

  2. I hate both hot chocolate AND cheese – that is so disgusting. Sorry to hear you’ve been sick. Eat some berries every night – they’re full of antioxidants, and I swear they’ll keep you healthy.PS-There is NOTHING wrong with buying pets birthday presents. I’d certainly NEVER laugh at that…..my dogs all have their own Christmas stockings!!

  3. don’t knock it till you try it! It’s really good. The saltness of the cheese with the sweetness of the chocolate, plus the cheese gets melted.

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